Attention All Coaches’ Wives!

Summer Session Bible Study

May – July 2021

(Meetings are first and third weeks of the month)

The NOC Wives team has created an Online Bible Study for Coaches’ Wives.

Our prayer for this Bible study is to create a Safe Sisterhood where you can share the common joy, triumphs and struggles of being a coaches’ wife. Please register for the study below and join our Facebook Group to join other coaches’ wives in online fellowship.
CANOPY….a relaxing retreat created for Coaches’ Wives to provide encouragement and community. A time to rest, relax and renew your minds for the upcoming season. Our goal is that you leave the retreat encouraged and empowered to live out the incredible calling God has given you as a,  Coaches’ Wife. Nations of Coaches counts it a privilege to serve you in this way!

“For he will hide me in his shelter in the day of trouble; he will conceal me under the cover of his tent (canopy); he will lift me high upon a rock.” Psalm 27:5

September 24-26, 2021

Sheraton Music City Hotel Airport
Nashville, TN

Verse of the Month

by Hope Radebaugh


Notes from Mr. & Mrs. Coach

by Bert & Stacy Capel


Recipes, Laughter, Transparency

by Jacci Lightfoot



Mrs. Coach, 

Nations of Coaches WELCOMES you to the  NOC Wives Page. We have created this group to resource coaches’ wives across this nation. We at Nations of Coaches are about serving coaches, coaches’ wives &  families right where you are.

Our Mission

  • SERVE you right where you are…
  • CONNECT you to other coaches’ wives…
  • EQUIP  you for this calling of being a coach’s wife…

The foundation of NOC Wives is based on the verse from Proverbs 27:17, “Iron sharpens iron, so one (WO)man sharpens another.”  We believe in the power of sisterhood where women can come together in our commonality of being coaches’ wives and daughters of the King, sharing our joys, trials, challenges & triumphs. Encouraging one another, praying for one another, seeking truth from God’s word with one another and simply loving one another, as we all strive to live for the glory of God. 

I would like to introduce our NOC Wives steering team to you….these amazing women, who are coaches’ wives, will be our content writers for this page! You will be blessed hearing from them each month…

Left to right: Hope Radebaugh, Back left: Lisa Wehry; Jacci Lightfoot, Heather Kyle, Back right: Pamela Clayton, Stacy Rogers, Front: Cortney Smith & Dee Kijanko.

We are here for YOU! Please share this with any of your coaching wife friends in your sphere of influence and lets link arms and grow stronger for the glory of God!

All in this TOGETHER,

Heather Kyle