Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

by Dee Kijanko

“I see you standing really close together, and all around the outline of your bodies I see “stitches”…like someone stitched you together.”

A student we didn’t know, who also didn’t know us, shared his vision with us after he prayed for us at a campus prayer gathering.  It moved both of us deeply.  Even to tears at times when we would reflect on it.  We both knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our Heavenly Father in His merciful, gracious love for us must have connected us together with “sewing stitches” and pulled really hard on the thread for two so different people, who have walked through some really rough times…to still be married. 

 In His wisdom, our Creator knew what He was doing hard wiring us for connection.  He designed us after His heart, as He longs for connection with us! Married to men with full schedules and often travel, there is encouragement, fulfillment and sweet blessing in the labor of love and investment in connecting with them. 

Coffee & Prayer…

One of our favorite connecting times is over a cup of coffee.

 Most of the time for us it’s that first early morning cup when we may only have time to pray over one another for our day. My favorite, because I have more face to face time with him are the planned coffee dates when phones are tucked away, and we have time to share our dreams and hopes for tomorrow.

*Plan a coffee time-out  with your coach this month…take it to him at the office…meet at Starbucks…share intentionally…pray with one another…enjoy a few quiet moments together…as you prioritize connecting.

We’ve learned in the full, demanding life of a coaching couple that it takes commitment and discipline to stay connected emotionally, physically and spiritually.  It’s vital to take the time, to invest in, to set time aside just for the two of you.


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