Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

Ways to Encourage Your Coach…

by Dee Kijanko

Surprised by JOY!

We’ve all had those moments, haven’t we?

Those little glimpses of heaven when we are blessed by a little unexpected gift that makes our spirits soar! I think our Heavenly Father designed us that way so that He can enjoy our pleasure when He answers prayer, or when He just wants to show us His kindness, and remind us that He is the Giver of all good things.

This week, I was reminded how simple, little gifts and thoughtfulness can encourage and remind my husband how much I respect him, how much I admire him, and how much I love him. I’ve had a gift card in my wallet for months for one of our favorite clothing stores.

With only about twenty minutes to browse I quickly went to the clearance section and immediately found four things I loved! When trying to decide if I’d have enough time to try them on, I spotted a man’s long sleeved T with four buttons at the neckline. Very similar to the one I made my husband recently throw away. (Because it was worn thin and way too small after a thousand times in the laundry!) I looked at the things I was holding for me for a few seconds before deciding to choose the long sleeved T, for him.

I knew he would love it.

And he did! He was thrilled! Surprised and blessed by the unexpected gift, and the love he saw in my eyes for the giving.

So whether it’s a surprise visit to his office with his favorite protein shake or a love note snuck into his briefcase or sharing your gift card to surprise him with a gift instead, let’s surprise our Coach with thoughtfulness and kindness, reminding him that he has a fan who believes in him!

Someone who will always support him! And a wife who finds it a pleasure to sacrifice and serve alongside him.


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