A Note From Mr. and Mrs. Coach

A Note From Mr. Coach…

by Bubba Smith

As much as Nations of Coaches has served me and our program over the years, its ministry to my wife and family has been equally vital and life changing. 

The relationships my wife has formed through the Final Four ministries and NOC marriage retreats have been instrumental in helping us manage the stress and pressures of a basketball season.  I see NOC Wives as being another vital outreach to coaches’ wives and will allow them to build community with other coach’s wives on a higher level, encourage one another, and pray for each other and their families.  This type of support is needed and will help our family stay aligned in our mission as a coaching couple throughout the season.  No other ministry that I know of is investing in coaches, wives and families like NOC.  For us to have a successful basketball program at Lee University, my marriage and family has to come first, and we are grateful for NOC coming alongside us and helping make that possible.

A Note From Mrs. Coach…

by Cortney Smith

I believe God has allowed NOC Wives to be created with great purpose and to meet our needs as coaches’ wives. To have a community of women around you who know the ups and downs of this profession is priceless! I believe this group of wives will not only minister to my heart, but also to the heart of my husband and our family. I believe NOC Wives will continue to point me toward a greater purpose and love for the game that you can’t find on a scoreboard…the game of life. I see NOC Wives encouraging my family and I to stay anchored in something greater, whether we win or lose. Having the comfort of close friends and a love for our Savior that gives me strength, are priceless in our toughest seasons. Our victories as a family and a team go beyond a typical dynamic. We strive for something greater and know we have so much purpose in this profession because Nations of Coaches continues to come around us serving and lifting us up! I am forever grateful for this ministry and am so excited to see how God will use NOC Wives to impact coaches’ wives for his glory across the country!! 


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