Master Coach Program

Master Coach is a program based around the ideas laid out in the Coaches Resolution that calls coaches to a higher level of play.


Read the Coaches Resolution Here.

We encourage all coaches to read and sign the Resolution and commit to a higher level of play, on and off the court. You can sign it today. A Nations of Coaches representative will contact you, and you’ll receive a large print of the Coaches Resolution to hang in your office as a reminder of your important commitment.


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Master Coach Award

Chosen for a coach who signed the Coaches Resolution, the Master Coach Award is handed out during the Legacy Summit to a coach who has exceptionally lived out the Resolution.

Past Master Coach Award Recipients:
2014 – Phil Worrell
2015 – Gary Waters
2016 – Dale Clayton
2017 – Mike Lightfoot
2018 – Ron Bradley

Most recent recipient, Ron Bradley

Special thanks to the Official Master Coach Ring Sponsor, Baron Rings

“Being a recipient of the Master Coach Award has been an important part of my coaching legacy. Since I have been committed to providing character building within the profession, this award is an example of what I stood for in my career.”

– Gary Waters, Retired NCAA Head Basketball Coach,
and 2015 Master Coach Award Recipient