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Running a college basketball program is like being the CEO of a large company. With constant demands on a coach’s time and energy, it’s often their marriage and family that suffer most. In fact, the divorce rate among college coaches is higher than the national average.

If a coach’s home life isn’t strong, then his team can’t function at a higher level.

That’s why Nations of Coaches serves coaches and their spouses – to strengthen their marriages and families.

Game-Changer Marriage Retreat

SAVE THE DATE! MAY 5-7, 2021


Every year, coaches and their spouses are invited to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, good fellowship and learning, and some much-needed alone time at the WinShape Retreat in Rome, Georgia. This annual event is specifically designed to build into your relationship with your spouse, so your marriage can not only survive, but also thrive, throughout the high-pressured basketball season and beyond. The Game- Changer Marriage Retreat is presented by Nations of Coaches and WinShape Foundation.

Location: WinShape Retreat Center, Berry College, Rome, GA – Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, the WinShape Retreat Center is surrounded by forests, meadows, and streams on a 27,000-acre wildlife preserve, about 90 miles from Atlanta.

“My husband and I attended the NOC Marriage Retreat. The wisdom, encouragement, and empathy we experienced are still fueling our tanks six months later!”

– Hope Radebaugh, wife of Barclay Radebaugh, Men’s Head Basketball Coach, Charleston Southern University

Celebrate Marriage & Family Luncheon

Join us at the NABC Conference for a complimentary lunch where we will celebrate coaching families and encourage you in your journey. We will have a special coaching family who will give testimony and insight as they share their personal journey.

A Healthy Home Team


Tony and Dee Kijanko
Marriage Enrichment Coaches

Nations of Coaches wants to be YOUR RESOURCE to nurture and maintain the relational health of your home team! Through a partnership with WinShape Marriage, Nations of Coaches can connect coaches with the resources they need to strengthen their marriage and their families.

Our Nations of Coaches staff and character coaches can connect you with trusted partners who provide tools and opportunities to grow stronger in your relationships. We’ll serve as a safe, confidential resource that can help you strengthen your home team’s game plan.

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Season of Change / Transition

during the tough seasons of life

“You gotta win. As we know, the leash
in college athletics today is very short.”
–Pastor Scott Brewer, Baylor’s Character Coach
No one knows what it’s really like to be a coach until they’re in the pressure cooker.

There are weeks spent on the road, long nights away from your kids, early morning meetings. Everyone wants a piece of you when you’re the coach, and it’s hard to keep giving.

There’s the pressure of expectation; the pressure to discipline and mold young men, and to be a role model and ambassador for your school. And then there’s the pressure to keep winning!

That’s why Nations of Coaches stands with you in the toughest times, giving you support during job transitions, financial troubles, health problems, and family breakdowns. If you want a helping hand with complete confidentiality, just say the word using the form below.

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